cheating at heights

A new theme in the ongoing exhibition "The Chimney Sweep - A Tribute To Honor" is taking form. "Flaming Fabian" Lindblad who is working on getting his apprentice chimney sweep belt buckle, is however already a master photo art model...

Vectorize yourself

What can be more unique than having your own picture vectorized for your companys new logotype? This hand & hammer belongs to Rickard Lönnberg at Lönnbergs Bygg in Hjo.

”Those with a creative mind, are on a lifelong adventure.
Where others see a problem, they jump and follow the river…”


Due to the situation around the Covid-19 pandemic, the opening dates for the upcoming exhibitions The Chimney Sweep & Inferno in the art gallery at Spa For Hjo are postponed. If you are interested in visiting the pre-exhibitions that are already up on the walls,  just contact me and I will arrange a personal Covid friendly art tour.

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